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Paws with a Cause- Animal Assisted Interventions in Education

Paws with a Cause- Animal Assisted Interventions in Education

The concept of including animal assisted interventions (AAI) into school and classrooms has become more widely accepted as avenues to promote positive school climate, increase student and teachers’ social/emotional well-being, and to promote student learning. Robust research outcomes are emerging that indicate correlations between AAI and positive educational learner experiences. Presenters will guide participants in knowledge on the similarities and distinct differences between emotional support animals, service dogs, and therapy dogs. Typical roles within school settings for each of these groups of animals will be described. Information on current vernacular will be reviewed and resources will be provided to assist individuals in contacting recognized AAI organizations that adhere to quality standards of practice at the professional level. A practical outline of enhanced, safe, and effective AAI activities will be shared with participants.

** The Zoom Link will be sent to participants 2-hours before the session.**

Tuesday, January 19, 2021
10:00am - 11:00am
Krista Vince Garland
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Rebecca Eggleston